Boundary People
Harness the Earth's Energy
Aug 21, 2009, 13:12

Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) systems use modern technologies to harness the stored energy of the greatest solar collector in existence: the earth.

Nelson Mast of American Well Drilling, Inc. in Bonners Ferry, ID is now accredited by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) to Harness the earth's energy for you. Hard work and extensive preparation has allowed Mast to give this community the opportunity to experience GSHP technology.

An IGSHPA-accredited installer is a benefit to the Bonners Ferry community because of his or her ability to offer the only qualified renewable energy system available today. These systems are perfect for homes, apartment complexes, businesses, schools and more. In addition to heating and cooling, GSHPs also create free hot water in the summer and deliver substantial hot water savings in the winter.

Installation trainees like Mast learn about the design and installation of ground heat exchangers, which are the basis of GSHP systems. During the winter, water or an anti-freeze solution is circulated through buried pipe, collecting heat from the earth and transporting it into the building. During the summer, the system cools the building by reversing itself; collecting heat from the building and transporting it back into the earth.

For more information on this durable, low-maintenance, economic and environment-friendly alternative to conventional heating and A/C, contact your local IGSHPA accredited installer or call IGSHPA at 800-626-4747.

This article written by John Clapp, Training coordinator for the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association in Stillwater, OK, 405-744-5175, For additional information, contact Nelson Mast, American Well Drilling, 267-1974.

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