Boundary People
Gerald and Star Arthur
Nov 9, 2009, 16:51

In case anyone was wondering what happened to former Bonners Ferry residents Gerald and Star Arthur, they now live independently in Washington state.

Gerald works for Allstate Insurance Company where he has worked since he moved to Wenatchee. He has lost over two hundred pounds and looks very handsome. He lives in a very nice, private home with his friends. They go to parties and dances every month. Gerald loves to go to Red Robin Restaurant. Timmy, Gerald's brother, lives close by and takes him home over the weekends when he is not working.

Star is one-of-a-kind and lives with her aunt and uncle in Rock Island, WA, which is only seven miles from Wenatchee. Star works cleaning offices for different agencies.

Gerald and Star are very independent and are doing well. They say hi to all their friends in Bonners Ferry.

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